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Competence in remediation

Since 1990

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Our Mission

Amphibia has decided that its mission in the field in which it operates is a developmental, innovative, practical, safe, efficient and applicable way of providing services in the field of demining and demilitarization and management of all other waste in order to fully satisfy our partners and clients. Such a mission includes improving the quality of service, which can only be realized by educated, competent, experienced and authorized persons. In the coming period, he will devote special attention to ecology in the specific process of hazardous waste management. Amphibia has a constant expansion of its professional reputation in its work, although it clashes almost daily with the incompetence of the professional and non-professional environment, its frivolous attitude towards the acceptance and non-action of bad actions, and recently the neglect of ecological protection of the environment during the implementation of the process, especially of the neutralization of mines and UXO And unstable ammunition.


Our Approach

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Green technology and methods

Problem-focused Approach





What we do

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Land Demining

Different Terrains and Conditions

Machine Demining

Hills and Lands


Different Calibars and Sizes

Underwater Demining

Rivers, Lakes and Seas


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